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Five Mile Charlie - A Special Pony for Carly

Wishes don’t always come true the way we expect them to―but they can be brought to life in a very different way!

Carly lives on Five Mile Farm in Oklahoma. She has many pets, but has always dreamed of having a pony. The magical bees in the valley know about Carly’s wish. Will Queen Bee Nora and her best friend, Journey, find a pony for Carly?

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Five Mile Charlie - Charlie Goes to the Library

In this magical sequel to Five Mile Charlie: A Special Pony for Carly, our favorite llama and his best friend are determined to discover why Grumps―a coyote living in a cave near Five Mile Farm―is always so mean! What will they find at their library, and will Queen Bee Nora and her hive be able to help?

This second installment in the Five Mile Charlie series is sure to continue to delight and spark the imagination of every reader who opens its pages!

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Five Mile Charlie - A Five Mile Christmas

In Five Mile Charlie: A Five Mile Christmas, Carly and Charlie discovered that Grumps was a lone coyote who had been separated from his pack in the city. Together with the magical bees and the magic of Christmas, Grumps receives the gift of warmth and new friendships! This third installment in the series will continue to delight and inspire readers of every age! 

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Five Mile Charlie - The Return of Farmer Bud

In Five Mile Charlie: The Return of Farmer Bud, Charlie followed Queen Nora and the magical bees from the farm of Farmer Bud to Five Mile Farm to become a pony for Carly. Farmer Bud finds Charlie at Five Mile Farm and soon a trial in the barn yard begins! Will the farm animal jurors decide the fate of Charlie? This exciting legal drama is sure to thrill the readers at every page!

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